Team History

In the late 1980s, we employed green as our team color.
We long to be like the team of University of Notre Dame, so green jersey, gold helmet and pants were adapted.

Origin of the name

In 1986, our team name was decided as “EVERGREEN”.
“EVERGREEN” was chosen as team name with a wish of “ever-victorious” and praying for the team’s growth.


Until 1994, our team was known by “the team to start practice the fastest in Japan”.
The time to start morning practice is 7 a.m., but we had self-training time before the morning practice, so almost all of members came to the ground at 6:10 a.m.

Hokuriku collegiate American Football Association

Fukui university and Kanazawa Institute of Technology, which were established in 1973, belonged to Kansai collegiate American football league. However, after Kanazawa college of economics and Kanazawa medical university joined to the Kansai league, Hokuriku collegiate American football league was established.
To eliminate the regional handicap, Hokuriku collegiate league got good treatment as same as Tokai collegiate league and Kinki collegiate league, the champion team of each leagues could acquire the right to participation of the tournament of the play-off for the ticket of Div.1.
In 1982, Hokuriku collegiate American football association was established after independence from Kansai collegiate American football association.